Brent Graham

a personal portfolio


This word clock is controlled by Arduino. I used figured walnut from an acoustic guitar back and sides set I found on eBay. A strand of tricolor LEDs sit behind the clock's letters, which were laser-cut and then filled with epoxy. Time is told in 5 minute increments (see the animation below). Secondary and tertiary modes show time and date in large double digits which flip between hours-minutes or day-month. A fourth mode displays "happy birthday" for special occasions.

There are a lot of little things I would love to add or tweak, but have such a limited understanding of coding that it just hasn't happened yet. A photosensor was put in the top of the clock so I could have it auto-dim at night time, but I haven't gotten that working yet. I would also like to add the option to scroll through colors by pushing the side buttons, and have the "happy birthday" text automatically appear on specific dates. I guess a project is never fully finished.

You can see the build log HERE.


- Finished July 2016 -