Brent Graham

a personal portfolio


While taking my acoustic guitar building class, I worked on my own for several months on this headstock inlay. I finished just in time to inlay it as we reached that point in class. The instructional DVD set by Larry Robinson was my best friend in learning how to make this happen.

The design is based on Alphonse Mucha's art nouveau classic "Primrose." Ironically, I couldn't realistically recreate her holding a primrose with inlay, so I changed her flower to a single morning glory. I gave the stem a whiplash curve to make it fit with the art nouveau feel. This inlay consists 79 hand-cut pieces. The materials are:

  • copper
  • dix gold (or nu gold)
  • lab-made opal
  • white mother of pearl
  • black mother of pearl
  • pink abalone
  • paua abalone
  • awabi abalone
  • green turban snail shell

The facial features are hand-engraved and filled with copper dust.

- Finished February 2017 -